Welcome to the online platform of the MasterMil Project!

We are delighted to welcome you to this platform, which is part of the MasterMil Project. Our main goal is to support family businesses and SMEs in their digital transformation journey and prepare them for the challenges of the Millennial generation. In this context, we analyze the requirements for digital transformation in family businesses and develop decision frameworks and tools to support and guide this complex process.

To achieve this, we offer three different assessment tools to prepare you for digital transformation: Industry 4.0, Digital Readiness, and Technology Radar Assessment. Digital transformation provides a unique opportunity to address both generational transitions and the modernization of traditional business models, unlocking the potential of the next generation.

We aim to minimize untapped opportunities and strengthen the competitiveness of family businesses. With our toolkits and guidelines, we want to support companies in successfully navigating the digital transformation journey.

Thank you for participating in this exciting project!

Best regards,
The MasterMil Project Team

Industry 4.0 Assessment

Assess your Industry 4.0 Readiness and Identify the potentials of Industry 4.0 concepts.

Technology Radar Assessment

Identify and evaluate new emerging Industry 4.0 technologies for your manufacturing and company.

Digital Readiness Model

Determine your business model's positioning in relation to digital transformation.